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Blackberry Jam-Arita crafted by @cocktailwitchnyc

Blackberry Jam-Arita crafted by @cocktailwitchnyc

Who says jam is just for toast? Dive into the Blackberry Jam-Arita, a playful twist on the classic margarita that proves jam's rightful place in a cocktail shaker. Inspired by childhood memories of jam-making but designed for adult tastes, this cocktail is a cheeky nod to family traditions with a boozy kick.


  • Splash in 1.5 oz of @laadelitatequila silver tequila for that smooth fiesta vibe.
  • Scoop in 0.5 oz of blackberry mint @barmalade for a burst of berry goodness.
  • Pour 1 oz of @grandmarnierusa to add a swanky orange flair.
  • Squeeze in 0.5 oz of fresh lime and 0.25 oz of lemon juice for that citrus punch.
  • Rim the glass with citrus salt because it’s all about the details.
  • Garnish with a blackberry, mint, and whatever else makes you smile – yes, even a dehydrated lime wheel and flowers.
  • Don’t forget the @impasta_straws, because we’re sipping sustainably.

Let's shake it up!

  1. Get your citrus salt rim going for that first taste zing.
  2. Throw everything into a shaker with ice and give it a good shake – it's like jamming out but with booze.
  3. Strain it over pebble ice because crunching through ice is half the fun.
  4. Garnish to impress – more is more here. Make it look like a garden in a glass.
  5. Serve and sip with an imPASTA straw!

Blackberry Jam-Arita crafted by @cocktailwitchnyc

The Blackberry Jam-Arita is your go-to for when you're feeling a bit nostalgic but still want to keep things lively. It’s a toast to the days of sticky fingers and kitchen counters but with the added bonus of tequila. Perfect for sunny afternoons, backyard BBQs, or just because you made it through another day. So, here’s to jamming tequila style – no apron required! Cheers to fun in a glass!

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