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Crafting the perfect straw.

2 years of development, 1 farmer, 2 food scientists, and 46 (but who’s counting?) iterations, imPASTA straws were finally born.

imPASTA biodegradable straw testing August 2020

It all started as a joke.

Until we realized that straws really do suck, and not the way they’re supposed to. Then pasta didn't work. It got slimy and left a bad taste. So it wasn’t easy. Then we tried rice, but it cracked.

The "experts" said it was “impossible”. So, we got deeper (and our anal-ness came out). “If we’re gonna do it, LET’S GO!

Then we meet two food scientists from North Dakota who shared our passion, so we went to work!

For two years, we tested. And tested.

It couldn’t just be eco-friendly anymore, or just an alternative to plastic, like paper is. It had to be the best bloody straw that ever existed!

im Pasta eco friendly straws testing - November 2020

After 2 years #46 was the magic number.

It’s pure perfection, so we gave it the ultimate title, imPASTA straw [imposter straw… but with pasta …get it? 🧔].

It’ll last 2 hours+ in your drink,

has perfect mouthfeel, no sogginess, won’t crack, 100% flavorless, stirs a bloody mary like nobody's business, and can even clink a glass if you feel like making a toast announcement.

And when you’re done?

Have a snack, or compost it, or put it in your garden, or your garbage disposal. It’s 🌱-based, do whatever!

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Pardon our [necessary] French, but it really is the best F**ing straw you’ll ever use!