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imPASTA Sampler Pack


Elevate your guest experience with a noticeably premium straw.

Lasts 2 Hours+

Stays hard & never cracks through all your drinks. It'll even clink a glass if you're up to giving a toast!


Made with the perfect blend of seeds and grains without that soggy paper mouth feel.

Vegan & Compostable

100% plant-based, vegan, and non-GMO. A straw that sucks in all the right ways.


We spent 2 years with farmers and food scientists to craft the perfect straw.

the impasta story


Is imPASTA really pasta?

Nope! The original intent was to use pasta, yes, but pasta gets slimy and leaves a pasta taste, far from perfect. Then we turned to rice, but rice will crack after a few minutes. Hard PASS!

So what started as a joke project turned into a 2-year obsession to craft perfection. imPASTA is made from the perfect balance of seeds and grains. Nothing more.

We named it after our favorite dad joke: What do you call a fake noodle? An imPASTA!!

imPASTA is the true imposter straw. It’s hard to get excited about a straw, but imPASTA is worth the hype! It’s elegant, yet simple. Attractive, yet flavorless. Desirable, but always sucks.

If imPASTA isn’t noticeably the best straw you’ve ever used, we’ll pay you 100% back. It’s truly an incredible straw!

I ❤ it! But is it compostable?

Absolutely! When you're done with your imPASTA, have a snack, or compost it, or put it in your garden, or your garbage disposal. It’s 🌱-based, do whatever!

Can I get a wholesale account or bulk discount?

Duh! If you're thirsty for more than the 1,500 packs we offer here, send us a dm here:

We're excited to elevate your guests experience with a noticeably premium straw!

What about cocktail & smoothie straws?

Amazing idea! We're in development of both now but you can speed up the process! Reach out to us @ if you think we should make them!

We wanna hear from you!

Do you guarantee it's the best straw I'll ever use?


If imPASTA isn’t noticeably the best straw you and your guests have ever used, we’ll pay you 100% back. It’s truly an incredible straw!