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4 Reasons Why You Need To Switch To Organic Drinking Straws Today | imPASTA Premium Straw

4 Reasons Why You Need To Switch To Organic Drinking Straws Today | imPASTA Premium Straw

Can you imagine a world without plastic? We use so many plastic products in our daily lives that may seem impossible to eliminate or even reduce how much we use in our houses. 

Switching to reusable and organic drinking straws is a simple way to reduce the amount of plastic you throw away in your home while lowering your carbon footprint. Also, switching to organic straws not only helps the Earth breathe but is also beneficial to our health and budget.  


4 Top Reasons Why You Should Switch to Organic Drinking Straws: 

1. Organic straws are an excellent alternative to single-use plastic straws. 

The first reason to adopt natural straws is that they are a simple solution to single-use plastic straws. Switching to organic straws will significantly help to prevent land and sea animals from eating plastic. One possible explanation is that animals confuse plastic for food. Plastic, for example, can resemble edible fish eggs or swaying jellyfish. Plastics not only look but also feel, smell, and sound like food to animals. 

Plastic straws are not only harmful to the ocean, our ecosystem, and maybe our health; they are also difficult to dispose of properly. Despite our efforts to recycle them, they are too small and light to pass through the sorting screens of recycling machines, contaminating recycling loads. 

imPASTA straw is eco-friendly and not harmful to your health

Good news though! There are a variety of alternatives to plastic straws — and when it comes to being really sustainable, you can't go wrong with imPASTA! It is 100% plant-based, so when you're done with your imPASTA, have a snack, compost it, or put it in your garden or your garbage disposal. It stays hard like plastic but won't stay on the planet for another 900+ years.  

It is also odorless, tasteless, and waterproof for long enough for you to savor every last drop of your drink. imPASTA is the perfect option for both businesses and consumers. 


2. Stop the circulation of "new plastic" by utilizing natural straws. 

 imPASTA is a sustainable alternative to plastic straws

Plastic straws cannot be recycled, so each time you accept one, a plastic factory must create a new one from scratch. If you use biodegradable natural straws, this cycle will eventually end, and any new straws that enter the water will become part of the ecosystem. Consider what would happen if the entire world decided to stop using plastic straws and switch to a product that is equally convenient but less destructive to the environment. 


 3. Disposable plastic straws are TOXIC. 

In an interview with Maria Westerbos of the Plastic Soup Foundation, conducted by Tembo Paper, she stated, "We found that consumers didn't fully grasp how plastic could end up in our bodies. They'd ask, ‘Where is all this plastic in the ocean coming from?' So now we're helping them to understand that it's coming from our bathrooms, from our clothes, from our trash. When it's clear that our actions are affecting our health and the health of our children, that's when people are most willing to change.” 

 Toxins in plastic drinking straws, such as phthalates and bisphenol A that are harmful to health and the environment


Toxins in plastic drinking straws, such as phthalates and bisphenol A, can damage your and your family's health. Bisphenol A, often known as BPA, has been linked to brain and behavioral difficulties, an increased risk of cancer, heart problems, and health issues in young children. Many single-use straws are also made of polypropylene, a type of plastic that can leach harmful chemicals into your beverage when exposed to heat, producing substances that may influence estrogen levels. Using organic drinking straws may reduce your family's exposure to these hazardous pollutants while creating a safer atmosphere for your loved ones. 

With the war on plastic straws intensifying, many companies and individuals are looking for alternatives. Some have turned to metal straws, while others have switched to paper straws. However, another option is often overlooked: organic drinking straws like imPASTA. It is made of the perfect blend of non-GMO and gluten-free seeds and grains that offers several benefits over its plastic and paper counterparts. For starters, they are completely biodegradable so, obviously, much more eco-friendly. Additionally, imPASTA is stronger and more durable than paper straws and other organic straws currently out there, as it is less likely to break or disintegrate in your drink. It lasts two hours+ in your drink! 


4. Using Organic Straws will save you money! 

 Plastic Straw Ban violators might be subject to penalties of up to $400

Some states in the U.S like New York already started to implement restrictions on single-use plastic. Starting November 1st, dine-in restaurants can continue providing single-use plastic straws in stock, but only if a customer asks first. Dine-in establishments caught providing single-use plastic straws without asking might be subject to penalties of up to $400! A written warning would be issued for the first offense, and subsequent violations would result in fines ranging from $100 to $400, depending on how many tickets were issued.  


Key Takeaway 

There could be more reasons that weren’t mentioned above, but all of these just boil down to one thing – the Earth needs our help to restore its beauty and sustain it for future generations. 

We need more people to switch to sustainable and organic items. Set the example and get your family and friends hooked on eco-friendly products by promoting organic alternatives. More and more people must make conscious decisions to live greener and use reusable and organic products to influence our world positively. It all begins with YOU! 

Switching may not always be easy, but we at least want to make it exciting for you! 

Upgrade your straw game to imPASTA– it is gluten-free, vegan, compostable, and biodegradable and will stir your bloody mary like nobody's business! Whether you want to elevate the experience of your customers at your restaurant or simply enjoy your favorite drink at home, imPASTA will definitely give you that perfect mouthfeel. 

imPASTA straw lasts more than 2 hours in your drinks

If imPASTA is not the best straw you and your guests have ever used, we will pay you 100% back. Order now! 


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