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Are Paper Straws Eco-Friendly? Not Really!

Paper straws are not really eco-friendly as many people think

What is it about paper straws that resonate so well with those of us who want to do our part to help save the environment? We know paper straws suck (in all the wrong ways), so why, when we're all trying to conserve resources choose a material that requires more processing and transportation than plastic or metal!? The answer shocked us and may not be as ethical as you believe. 

Are paper straws better than plastic straws? 

The process of making paper straws requires a lot of energy and results in the emission of greenhouse gases

Yes, it's true that plastic straws are bad for the environment. Duh, we all knew that. Why? Because plastic straws simply break into smaller particles, which then release chemicals into the land, air, and water. That can be toxic to animals, plants, and even us humans, too. However, not many people realize paper straws' negative implications on the environment too.  

The sad reality is that paper straws are not as eco-friendly as most of us think. Honestly, hardly even more practical than its counterpart, the plastic straw. 

Wondering why? Well, in simple terms, the process of making paper straws requires a lot of energy and results in the emission of greenhouse gases. They also need a pretty essential ingredient, paper from trees.  

Wait, What? Paper straws are also harmful to the environment?

We often don't hear or read about this side of the story since a lot of people romanticize the idea of paper straws as the best alternative because they're biodegradable and cheap. However, there are some who are still not convinced by this idea, like Nathan Dahm. He is a senator who filed Senate Bill 1065 to ban paper straws in the state of Oklahoma.  

What should be expected under Senate Bill 1065? 

production of paper straws leads to the destruction of forests

Any licensed food outlet in the state of Oklahoma that supplies a customer with a straw would be prohibited from distributing straws made of materials such as paper should the bill be given the green light to become law.  

 "So, under the guise of helping the planet, they've banned plastic straws, resulting in who knows how many trees now being cut down to make paper straws.", Dham said. That statement exposes the sad reality that the production of paper straws leads to the destruction of forests, which means fewer trees are available to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. 

If not paper straw, then which one: Hay Straw? Metal Straw? Or Pasta straw? 

Paper straw gives soggy paper mouth feeling

Choosing between these alternatives can be a little tricky. Luckily, we're super straw nerds 🤓 and wrote a pretty extensive article that may help you decide which one is right for you. If you don't have that kinda time to nerd out with us, though, let's do a brisk jog through some of their characteristics: 

Hay straw

Some people choose a hay straw because it's one of the least expensive options. However, it's not the most practical and the most sustainable alternative. It can give a chalky aftertaste crack pretty easily. Moreover, the absorbent hay material may soften, bend, and break if left soaked in liquid for too long. 

Metal straw

Although metal straws won't give that chalky aftertaste, they have a more rigid texture and can be a huge pain to clean. In addition, if you're someone who loves sipping on hot beverages, metal may not be the best choice. Remember science? Yeah, that metal conducts heat pretty well! As mamma always said, you don't want to burn your lips or tongue unless you're into that kinda thing.  

Pasta straw or Rice

Okay, so metal straws are a good conductor of heat and not so great for hot drinks, but what about pasta or rice straws? Yeah, not so good in warm water either, as they'll usually turn to mush pretty fast. Pasta straws, in particular (looking at you, bucatini straws), aren't really that good if you plan to use them for more than 5 minutes (maybe good for a fancy college party?). They'll get slimy and leave a pretty strong taste. So unless you're drinking marinara (no judgment), pasta straws aren't really that great either. 

Ugh, so what's a good alternative straw then? We got you, boo. We spent about two years crafting it, actually. They're called imPASTA straws (an imposter straw, but with fake pasta… get it? 👨), and they're pretty damn amazing!  

 imPASTA is stronger and more durable than paper straws and other organic straws

Cool, a straw with PASTA in the title, that's not really pasta. So what is it made of exactly? 

Well, we spent some time with a couple of pretty awesome farmers and food scientists from North Dakota. They put up with us for 2 years and helped us craft 46 interactions to make you the perfect straw. It's truly the best bloody straw you'll ever use! 

We made imPASTA with the perfect blend of seeds and grains.

imPASTA straw is 100% pure, plant-based, vegan, non-GMO grains and seeds

Yep, that's right! Nothing more, just 100% pure, plant-based, vegan, non-GMO grains and seeds. 

To call it a premium straw would be an understatement of its awesomeness. imPASTA is gonna stay hard and not crack through all your drinks, about 2 hours, to be exact. That soggy paper mouth feel? Not here! Wanna stir your bloody mary? Get after it!  

A bunch of states have already implemented a law or at least filed a bill to restrict the use of single-use plastic, like straws. States like New York and California, but there are a bunch of others on the list too. We know change sucks, but we made imPASTA straws to help fellow straw lovers like us make at least one conscious choice to help the Earth and conserve her beautiful resources, one straw at a time.  

We know it's not like it's the end of the world. We're just here trying to do one little piece to help stop global warming and get single-use plastic out of our lives. imPASTA won't feel like the sacrifice that paper is; it's truly gonna upgrade your straw game! 

Give 'em a try at your Restaurant (if you got one of those) or at home. We sell 'em wrapped in eco-friendly wax paper, or totally naked if you prefer. If it's not the best bloody straw you've ever used, we'll pay you back, no questions asked. Use code PERFECT10 for 10% off – upgrade now.