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Hard Pass On Metal Straws — Not The Best Alternative To Plastic Straws

Hard Pass On Metal Straws — Not The Best Alternative To Plastic Straws

Are you one of those who hopped on a trend of using metal straws instead of plastic straws? Don't worry; there's no judgment here. We understand that metal straws are usually marketed as one of the eco-friendly options to lessen the use of plastic straws. However, not many people have carefully considered the negative impacts of metal straws on our health and the environment. 

So, are metal straws bad for the environment? 

Did you know? The energy required to produce a single metal straw is used to create 90 plastic straws. Also, based on their carbon emissions, making one metal straw is equivalent to manufacturing 150 plastic straws. This is based on a study comparing paper straws, bamboo straws, and other alternatives. 

Many believe that by reducing the use of plastic by choosing metal straws, people can reduce the impact on marine pollution and hopefully save marine animals. Marine pollution is indeed a serious issue. However, the use of metal straws causes air pollution, which is another environmental problem. 

Production of metal straws causes land and air pollution

Consequences don't end in air and water. In fact, metal straws are products of nickel mining. The sad reality is that hundreds of land hectares were turned into barren wastelands for its extraction and production resulting in land pollution. 

Does the mining process also affect the health of the workers? 

Miners of metals such as nickel are exposed to many health impacts - headaches, chest pain, etc. We might feel less bothered thinking that we're not the ones mining so that these impacts won't affect us. But, keep in mind that these tiny air pollutants can travel great distances. Chances are, they will accumulate in the air around us. And whether we like it or not, we will have to breathe them in. 

I'm not anywhere near mining areas. I don't think I should be concerned. 

Nickel mining negaltively affect the health of the workers and the people around the mining area.

Well, regardless if you don't breathe in the contaminated air, the outer coating of metal straws contains toxic chemicals like Bisphenol-A. This substance can have adverse impacts if it enters our bodies.  

Bisphenol-A, a lipophilic compound, may build up in fatty tissue even during fetal life and may negatively impact adult health by impairing organ and tissue growth and development. 

Experts have linked higher BPA doses with infertility, heart disease, breast cancer, and other health problems. 

So, what’s better than a metal straw? 

The downsides of metal straws have just been exposed. If you’re someone who’s been using it for years, it may be disappointing to discover all these. Most likely, you have reasons why you chose metal straws over paper straws that give you that soggy mouth paper feel, or maybe you hate the chalky aftertaste of hay straws.  

Don’t worry, we have crafted an organic premium straw that just sucks in all the right way! 

imPASTA straw is the best alternative to plastic straws

imPASTA straw is 100% plant-based, vegan, and non-GMO. It’s made with the perfect blend of seeds and grains so you never have to worry about harmful chemicals. 

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