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Maryland Plastic Straw Ban

Maryland Plastic Straw Ban

Are Plastic Straws Banned in Maryland?

A statewide Plastic Straw Ban is currently not implemented in the state of Maryland but several counties have taken action including:

Several states have already banned plastic straws; it might be just a matter of time before a statewide ban also gets implemented in Maryland. Plastic straw usage has already taken its toll on our environment. We all can do our part to reduce plastic waste and protect the environment by switching from plastic straws to an organic alternative like imPASTA.

What Makes Impasta a Great Alternative to Plastic Straws?

imPASTA straws are the best organic drinking straws

It's a premium straw that stays hard and will never crack through any of your drinks — surely something you and your guests would love and enjoy at home or in the restaurant

Definitely better than any other plastic straw alternatives out there!

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