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Florida Plastic Straw Ban

Florida Plastic Straw Ban

Are Plastic Straws Banned in Florida?

Florida lawmakers have taken a stand against the plastic straw ban. Despite the apparent implications of single-use plastics to the environment, the Florida senate passed HB 771 to restrict local governments from enforcing any ordinance to ban plastic straws until July 2024.

As environmental advocates, we know that this kind of news sucks! 'Though we've got no control over this bill, we can still do our part by switching to organic drinking straws even without a law being implemented.

Need Help Choosing the Best Alternative to Plastic Straws?

We're certified straw nerds, so we've written a comprehensive comparison of different alternatives to help you choose the best drinking straw.

Spoiler Alert! After reading through the pros and cons of paper, metal, and hay straws, you'll find out that imPASTA is the only one that sucks...IN ALL THE RIGHT WAYS! Buy now and try it for yourself!

imPASTA straws are the best alternative to plastic straws

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