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How to Navigate New York's Single-Use Plastic Straw Ban

How to navigate New Yorks new Plastic Straw Ban

Have you ever wondered about how many plastic straws are used each day in the world? Most people are not aware of the environmental impact that disposable straws have. They are a significant contributor to ocean pollution. Disposable straws may seem negligible, yet every year, 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in the ocean. This figure is most likely to increase 20 times by 2025. 


Due to the adverse effect of plastic straws and other single-use plastic materials in general, restrictions, taxes, and bans on single-use plastics are coming into force across the globe. Whether the action is performed on a national or regional level or even by individual firms, the goal is to reduce plastic trash drastically. Environmental movements and initiatives aim to reduce plastic waste in our seas and develop more sustainable, greener economies. 


Are Plastic Straws Banned in New York?

Starting November 1, 2021, New York City food service establishments may no longer provide single-use plastic beverage straws, except upon request. Additionally, food service establishments may no longer provide single-use beverage splash sticks or stirrers made of plastic. 


Are There No Exceptions? 

These restrictions do not apply to items packaged in bulk by a manufacturer and offered for retail sale or beverage straws attached to individual containers by the manufacturer, such as juice boxes. 


When is the Enforcement of this Law? 

Enforcement of the plastic straw rules will begin on November 1, 2022. Affected businesses, agencies, and nonprofits will have a one-year warning period lasting through October 31, 2022. 

Restaurants that sell food and drinks on the premises or "dine-in" restaurants would be subject to the upon-request requirement. Businesses like food carts or drive-through portions of restaurants where consumers enjoy food and drinks off-premises are exempt from the regulations. 


What will be the Sanction for the New York Plastic Ban Violators? 

New York Plastic Ban Violators will be penalized up to $400

Upon implementation, dine-in establishments caught providing single-use plastic straws without asking might be subject to penalties of up to $400. A written warning would be issued for the first offense, and subsequent violations would result in fines ranging from $100 to $400, depending on how many tickets were issued. 


How Can Customers and Businesses Stay Compliant? 

 New York City food service establishments may no longer provide single-use plastic beverage straws, except upon request

Once the Local Law 64 of 2021 is finally implemented, dine-in restaurants can continue providing single-use plastic straws in stock, but only if a customer asks first. If you own a business and opt to continue stocking single-use plastic straws, then compliance with the "upon request" rule is necessary. You would need to prepare your employees to break the habit of handing out plastic straws to every dine-in customer—they would need to ask for it first. 

Furthermore, businesses are required to: 

  • Maintain an adequate supply of single-use, non-compostable plastic drinking straws and make them available to anybody who asks for one at no cost. 
  • Place a sign that reads, "Plastic straws available upon request" at self-service kiosks. 

What are alternatives to plastic straws? 

Several manufacturers have already created different versions of reusable straws that you can from. There are paper straws, bamboo straws, metal straws, and more. But the million-dollar question is, which is the BEST alternative? Let's discuss each briefly. 

Paper Straws 

paper straws become soft after just a few minutes of being soaked in liquid which gives soggy paper mouth feeling

Many businesses use paper straws due to their low price, but they can become soft after just a few minutes of being soaked in liquid which causes its parts to come loose, forming a paper 'ball' and giving you that soggy paper mouth feeling. 

Hay Straws 


absorbent hay material can soften, warp, and crack if left soaking in liquid


Others go for a hay straw as it's one of the cheapest alternatives but not the most practical and sustainable. It's not easy to clean and can have a chalky aftertaste. Additionally, the absorbent hay material can soften, warp, and crack if left soaking in liquid. 

Metal Straws 

metal straws have a more rigid texture when held and when biting which may cause discomfort

Metal straws won't give you that chalky aftertaste, but let's be honest, these have a more rigid texture when held and when biting. Because of this, your teeth may experience discomfort or damage when you bite down forcefully. Furthermore, metal straws aren't the most acceptable option if you like drinking hot beverages. In fundamental science, we know that metal is an excellent heat conductor. 

So, which is the best among the rest? No other than imPASTA! These straws will save the day. 

imPASTA straw is premium and organic that stays hard and never cracks through any of your drinks


imPASTA straw stays hard and never cracks through any of your drinks. It will even clink a glass if you're up to giving a toast! imPASTA is a material made from gluten-free grains and seeds that: 

  • Lasts 2 hours+ in your drink.  
  • Has perfect mouthfeel  
  • No sogginess. 
  • 100% flavorless 
  • Always hard 
  • Gluten-free, vegan, compostable, and biodegradable.  
  • Truly sucks 

“This baby will stir your bloody mary like nobody's business,” says Nick Kabesto, Director of Food & Beverage at Hilton Hawaiian Village. “It’s really the most premium straw we’ve ever used; It’ll even clink a glass!”  

 imPASTA straw is made from gluten-free grains and seeds that Lasts 2 hours+ in your drink and has perfect mouthfeel

Key takeaways 

  The modern world is quickly becoming an environmental liability. Every day we use plastic straws, single-use products, and other materials that cannot be recycled or restored after they've been used up in our quest for convenience - but all this comes at a cost! The climate change problem has already begun harming people and other living creatures around the globe; imagine what will happen if nothing changes?  

 With the vision to replace all single-use plastic by the end of the decade, imPASTA is built on the idea that any plastic alternative needs to function as well, or better than plastic does. After 2 years of development, imPASTA is a food-based material made from non-GMO grains and seeds that is 100% biodegradable & compostable, vegan, gluten-free, and flavorless. It stays hard like plastic but won’t stay on the planet for another 900+ years. 

imPASTA currently manufactures drinking straws and is looking to expand to other applications rapidly.  

Elevate your guest experience with a noticeably premium straw! If imPASTA is not the best straw you and your guests have ever used, we will pay you 100% back. Order now! 

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