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Foghorn Gin Cocktail crafted by budding_mixologist

Foghorn Gin Cocktail crafted by budding_mixologist

Foghorn Gin Cocktail stands out as a beacon of flavor, offering a refreshing mix of botanical gin paired with the warm spice of ginger beer. It's a timeless classic that invites personal flair and imagination with every shake and stir.


  • 2 oz Ada Lovelace Gin, infused with rich botanical notes
  • 1/2 oz fresh lime juice for a citrusy spark
  • 4 oz Reeds Ginger Beer to bring a lively fizz and warmth
  • Ice for a perfectly chilled experience


  1. In a glass, stir Ada Lovelace Gin over ice to start the chill.
  2. Add the fresh lime juice to brighten up the gin's herbal complexity.
  3. Top it off with Reeds Ginger Beer, pouring slowly to maintain the bubbly effervescence.
  4. Garnish the drink with a piece of dried ginger and a slice of orange, adding an elegant touch and a pop of color!
  5. Sip and enjoy with an imPASTA straw!

Foghorn Gin Cocktail crafted by budding_mixologist

The Foghorn Gin Cocktail is simplicity at its finest, yet it packs a complex flavor profile that's sure to impress. It's the kind of cocktail that doesn't need a special occasion – it is the occasion. Whether you're unwinding after work or kicking off a lively evening, the Foghorn is your ticket to a good time. So here's to gin, ginger, and great times. Cheers!

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